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Packing List: Things to Bring & Not to Bring in Rehab

Posted: March 21, 2015 by in Center Care Alcohol Rehab


To some people, going to an addiction rehabilitation recovery is a scary experience because they don’t know what to expect. They think that going to rehab is complete pandemonium because other addicts aren’t good people. In rehab, there are new people, places, and activities; but, addicts usually don’t deal with other people, unfamiliar places, and new things. But here are some suggestions about what you can bring and what not to in addiction rehabilitation recovery:

What to bring: Proper and Comfortable Clothes

What not to bring: Uncomfortable and Inappropriate Clothes

Well, wearing comfortable clothes can make a great difference. This is true whether you’re in residential treatment, detox facility, or some form of an outpatient program. Every day in addiction treatment center rehab will involve a lot of group work, lectures, and standing exercises.

Imagine having group work and you have bad body odor. It sounds like a nightmare for you and your group. On the other hand, imagine you’re wearing the most comfortable clean sweatshirt you have, everyone could focus on recovering.

What to bring: Pictures of your family or loved ones

What not to bring: Jewelry

It is hard to be away from your family. So if you think that you can’t live without seeing them, you can bring your family’s picture with you, or maybe your significant other’s picture, or your pet’s picture. You’ll be surprised the effect these pictures have on a normal-drab rehab room. These pictures will definitely tie the room together and change from someplace you’re staying into a place you’re living at.

On the other hand, it might be tempting to bring jewelry into an addiction rehabilitation recovery center but it’s not really a smart move. The reason behind this rule is that addicts steal. Would you like wearing your expensive pieces of jewelry only for them to be stolen? I don’t think you’d like that to happen.

What to bring: Spiritual Literature

What not to bring: Sex Toys/Pornography

It doesn’t matter what your religion is, you can bring your Bible, Qur’an, Big Book, the Basic Text, or other book of aphorisms. While in treatment, it is a chance to strengthen your faith. Plan accordingly and bring some insightful and spiritual literature.

On the other hand, sex toys and pornography? Well, it’s understandable, and goes without saying. Don’t bring your sex toys or porn to alcohol and drug addiction rehab. These things are ways to escape the present moment. Treatment is all about making the best use of the present. It’s about loving the things that are happening right now. Sex toys and pornography will just distract you in your addiction recovery process.

What to bring: Journal

What not to bring: Excessive Electronics

Rehab treatment is learning about your own self. It’s the time to you find out what makes you tick. It’s your moment to grow as an individual. It’s always important to keep track of these important moments, thoughts, and emotions. Your family and therapist will be impressed.

Well, maybe you can bring your iPad, iPhone, or iPod; but don’t bring too many things. Do you really need a laptop, three iPods, and graphing calculator? You don’t need such superfluous things in treatment. Like jewelry, electronics can be stolen also.

Last but not the least,

What to bring: HOPE

Of of all the things mentioned in this article, hope is the most important thing you need to bring when entering rehab. Some of us enter treatment as a scared little boys or maybe broken little girls but as we leave treatment, we become productive members of the society, as a healed men and women.

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